Total peace of mind with your financials is our mission.

Retirement Income Planning

We coordinate investment management with social security, life style expenses, healthcare needs, and other income sources. 


First Step: Find out all of the income sources

We look at all the sources of cash inflow during a clients’ retirement.  


Second Step: Find out all of the Expense sources

We look at all the sources of cash outflow during a clients’ retirement. Mortality, inflation, medical costs, and other assumptions are used.


third Step: Project out cash surplus or DEFiCiT each year

We look at the net cash flow (total income minus total expenses) 


Fourth Step: Project out investment portfolio balance

We look at the projected investment portfolio balance prior to and during the retirement.

OPTIMAL INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO, Diversified Investment Portfolio

Fifth Step: Formulate Optimal Investment Portfolio

We develop strategic investment portfolio asset allocation models that match a client's situation and objectives. 


Sixth Step: Stress Test to measure success probability

We use robust institutional quality stress testing analytics for our clients' investment portfolios. This helps us ensure that we have a sound financial plan in place and that our client won't likely to run out of money.