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Fiduciary Wealth Management Fee Only Financial Planning Advisors

Fiduciary Wealth Management Fee Only Financial Planning Advisors

Fiduciary Wealth Management Fee Only Financial Planning AdvisorsFiduciary Wealth Management Fee Only Financial Planning Advisors

Co-Founder Sarah Kang

Message from Sarah

Along with health, harmonious relationships, and hope, financial well-being is the foundation of one’s happiness. Regardless of income or investable asset levels, helping people have a sense of financial security based on unmatched analytics and compassion is what we do well.  It is our mission to help you make informed decisions rather than have you simply follow “expert recommendations.” 

Financial planning can be easy and enlightening. When we meet you for the first time, we picture you enjoying full confidence and peace in your financial matters.  You can trust in our capability to deliver.  Let us help you!    


Video Message From Sarah

Investment management by an Actuary

Both insurance companies and government regulators rely on actuaries to project cash flows from investments and liabilities of pension funds, insurance companies, financial institutes, and more. One of the founders is an actuary who will bring that same knowledge and experiences to you in your financial planning. His experience comes from advising the enterprise level investment portfolio, cash flow, and debt portfolio of one of the latest insurance companies in the US.  

Retirement Income Planning 

Investment Management 

Hedging Strategy

Tax Strategy

Wealth Accumulation

Estate & Wealth transfer planning

Wealth transfer strategy involves a thorough understanding of the family members involved and the ideals of the grantors. Generational wealth transfer is about preserving and enhancing the intellectual and human capital of a family. Financial wealth is only a means to achieve that goal. We take utmost care through multiple communications to help our clients over an extended period of time. Once a plan is finalized, we engage experienced estate attorneys to flawlessly execute the strategies. 

Estate Planning

Generational Wealth Transfer 

Philanthropic Planning

Estate & Tax Strategy

Trust Strategy

Gifting Strategy

Coordination with Attorney, CPA

Trustee Service

Business Owners' Financial quarterback service

Very high achieving entrepreneurs and business owners need special care and understanding at the early stage so that their large accumulated wealth will have the best impact on their family. So, we focus on helping business owners and high net worth individuals better understand the non-financial aspect of wealth management. 

Coming from a family of business owners, we feel it is important to help other business owners with their wealth accumulation and wealth transfer issues, with a special focus on pursuing family harmony. We have 5 years of accounting & tax strategy experiences with 3 different family owned private company clients as well as a bachelors degree in accounting with a Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Business Owner Succession Plan

Business Tax Strategy 

Family Governance Advice

Business Insurance Planning

Business Financial Projection Help

Business Entity Strategy

Coordinate with Attorney, CPA

Major Purchase Assistance

Insurance Protection and Education Planning

We are fee only financial advisors.  We are strictly fiduciary financial advisors who abide by the rigorous criterial set by The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors’ fee-only financial advisor requirement and oath. We recuse ourselves from receiving any compensation from brokers or insurance companies in order to avoid potential conflict of interest. Our advices and product recommendations are purely based on our expertise and clients’ best interest. 

Insurance Protection Planning

Health Care Planning

Insurance Research

529 Plan & Coverdale

Trust strategy

Gifting Strategy

Professional & Industry Membership

CAIA, Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst
CFA, Chartered Financial Analyst
FPA, Financial Planning Association
SOA, Society of Actuaries
MAAA, American Academy of Actuaries


Benefits of working with UAK Diversified


  • Advice free from pressure to “produce” or “sell” (Fee-only financial planners receive compensation from clients only.  We do not receive any compensation from insurance companies or brokers). 
  • Full transparency with all fees and investment performance.
  • Consistent, timely, and detailed care to our clients. Relatively lower overall fees (more left for your investment to grow).
  • Genuine compassion and relationship values based on founders’ Christian principles.
  • Independent and respected Fortune 500 broker/dealer selected as primary custodian for clients’ accounts.* The custodian is a registered broker-dealer and a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), which is subject to certain regulations intended to protect clients' investment assets. 


*UAK Diversified is granted limited power of attorney to buy and sell securities and assess fees based on a signed client agreement with no other rights or accessibility.  

You can trust UAK Diversified to help you plan your financial future, advise you with comprehensive financial / investment planning, as well as non-financial wealth advice.  We serve clients in Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Twin Cities, and Rochester areas.

UAK Diversified LLC is a registered investment adviser with the state of Minnesota  

No obligation and informational only free consultation up to two times.