Scientifically Prudent Approach - diversified investment

We go far beyond "some mix of stocks and bonds"

One of the biggest advantage of fully diversified portfolio is that it increases the probability of you achieving your financial goals.

Powerful yet low cost diversification incorporates most of the below investment venues to build your investment.  Expenses charged for the diversified portfolio is between 0.06% and 0.20%, in addition to the agreed management fee. 

Most of the asset classes listed are used to build your diversified investment portfolio.  


Investment Categories Used

  • US Large Company Stocks 
  • US Small Company Stocks 
  • International Developed Large Company Stocks 
  • International Developed Small Company Stocks  
  • International Emerging Market Stocks 
  • US Exchange-Traded REITs 
  • International Exchange-Traded REITs 
  • US High Dividend Stocks 
  • International High Dividend Stocks 
  • Master Limited Partnerships 
  • US Treasuries 
  • US Investment Grade Corporate Bonds 
  • US Securitized Bonds 
  • US  Inflation Protected Bonds 
  • US Corporate High Yield Bonds 
  • International Developed Country Bonds 
  • International Emerging Market Bonds 
  • Preferred Securities 
  • Bank Loans 
  • Investment Grade Municipal Bonds 
  • Investment Grade California Municipal Bonds  
  • Gold and Other Precious Metals 
  • FDIC-insured cash

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Right proportion of major asset classes vs Diversification

Diversification followed by Right Proportion of Asset classes

Major asset classes are domestic stocks, foreign stocks, bonds, and short-term cash equivalents. Determining the right proportion of the major asset classes is both art and science.  It depends on individual client's preference, goals, and given situation.  

However, determining components that goes into each asset class is much more science than art.  This is when the idea of diversification comes in.  For instance, for the domestic stocks, an investor must have exposures to both small and large companies, growth oriented and value based companies, represent different industries.  

A common misconception is that an investor would have well diversified investment if they invest in S&P 500 index.  Currently, S&P 500 disproportionately over represents the large growth oriented technology companies, because of the sheer size of Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, etc...  However, different sectors come and go over a longer time period.  Steel industry, airline industry, auto industry, and oil industry all came and go throughout the U.S. history at different time periods just as technology sector is today.  

Hence, a true diversification is evidence based historical analysis and scientific pursuit.  We provide financial and investment planning services and help clients with diversified wealth strategies in the Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and Rochester MN areas.

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Custom investment mix based on your goals and situations.  Then comes real diversification.