Trustee Service for Special Needs

How UAK Diversified Approaches Special Needs

Your loved one will receive unmatched fiduciary trustee services through our network of professionals. We seamlessly collaborate with carefully vetted trustee service professionals to provide you with a comprehensive trustee service and investment management solutions. 


Judicious use of legal tools for special needs


Special Needs and Supplementary Trusts

Carefully structured trusts can help protect wealth while maintaining eligibility for Medicaid, Social Security Income and other public benefits. 

Don't leave out special needs child from inheritance

Wealth stored in certain trusts can generate cash flows to enrich special needs family members without jeopardizing public funding.  

Settlement from Personal Injury?

Supplemental Needs Trusts are often used to receive personal injury litigation proceeds on behalf of an individual with a disability, in order to allow the person to qualify for Medicaid benefits despite their receipt of the settlement.

Special Needs, Supplemental Needs, Trustee Service

Special Needs - Self Funded Trust

Coordination of service providers, Supplemental Needs Trust, Special Needs Trust

Coordination of service providers

Supplemental Needs Trust - Third Party Funded Trust

Supplemental Needs Trust - Third Party Funded Trust