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Complimentary Financial Planning and Analysis

A small rudder can turn huge ships much like small financial decisions now can have a huge impact over a long-term investment.  Regular assessment of the investment strategy and tactical financial adjustments are vital in achieving a long-term financial success.   

The following outlines what you can expect throughout the life of our partnership. 


What to Expect

At a minimum you can expect to interact with us at least once a quarter. It is likely that we will schedule a face-to-face meeting (assuming you live in the area) twice a year and conduct the other two meetings via WebEx or phone. In addition to reviewing your portfolio we will delve into one of the major financial topics listed below in depth.

  • Investment portfolio
  • Retirement planning (considering real estate and other assets)
  • Tax strategy
  • Estate planning
  • Insurance protection analysis
  • Employee benefits review (including stock option plans)


It will take multiple quarterly meetings to cover your full financial picture. We believe proper education and understanding of your unique situation are essential to robust financial planning and implementation. A high-quality overall plan and strategy cannot be developed overnight; it must be crafted over time. We’ll start with the topics that are highest priority to you and after several quarterly meetings, we should have a comprehensive report that contains our full analysis and recommendations.


Topics covered during the review and analysis of your portfolio will be:

  • Performance of portfolio – How well did you do?
  • Alignment of investment strategy with regard to financial goals – Are any adjustments needed to keep on track?
  • Efficiency of tax strategy – Are your investments still to your advantage from a tax perspective?
  • Retirement planning and employee benefits review – Any changes since we last spoke?

Please note that our primary role is to help you invest well so you can achieve your financial goals. However, there are several other things that are closely related to or have an effect on your finances, therefore we want to make sure you consider the full picture. That is why we will take this opportunity to discuss other topics that may be relevant to your situation such as:

  • Estate planning strategy – Do you have an up-to-date will? Is there a need to create a trust fund?
  • Insurance protection needs – Do you have sufficient insurance to protect against various types of losses?

As outlined on our fee structure page, there is no additional charge for either the quarterly checkpoints or the full reviews. We feel that regular, two-way communication with our clients is essential to success and is therefore integrated into our base fee structure.

Some of these things may require the services of other professionals, such as an estate lawyer or a Certified Public Accountant. In these cases, we will gladly make recommendations, but please recognize the actual implementation is outside the scope of our business. 

Another vital component of your financial plan is insurance protection for you and your loved ones. Please see our insurance page for more details on this topic.

We are independent wealth managers and independent financial advisors.  Some of us have finished the majority of the Certified Financial Planner(R) (CFP) curriculum.  We are very excited to serve the Saint Paul, Minneapolis, and Rochester areas.  We provide services for financial planning in retirement and and help managing lifestyle.  

Insurance Review

A conversation about insurance should be robust enough to fully understand not only implications from an unexpected cash flow change, but also from tax and estate planning perspective.

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Understanding current financial picture

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Understanding investment products

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