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The First Investment Strategy Review



What to Expect

Investment timeframe – clients with longer time-frames to invest are able to focus more on growth-oriented stocks, while those with shorter timeframes need an investment that is a bit more stable.uction. 

 We will analyze your:

  • Saving goals 
  • Future cash flow needs (one time or ongoing)
  • Current investable assets 
  • Qualifications for advantageous tax deferred programs
  • Estimated social security and/or pension benefits 

We will run simulations to generate future investment market scenarios to estimate the probability of achieving your financial goals. Detailed cash flow tables for each year of your life will be produced to project your most likely financial picture in each year until age 92. 

Here’s an outline that will give you an idea of how our conversation will go:

  • First, we ask your goals and objectives.
    • Plan for retirement
    • Fund college expenses
    • Provide for future generations

  • Then we get more detail by asking relevant questions depending on your answer to the first question.
    • When do you want to retire? How much money would you need per year during your retirement?
    • How many kids do you have? How old are they? What type of school will they want to attend?
    • What have you been doing thus far to prepare?

  • Then we investigate your situation in depth.
    • Tax situation – clients currently in a high tax bracket may be looking for tax-efficient investment avenues, which may not be as important to those in a lower tax bracket.
    • Investment timeframe – clients with longer timeframes to invest are able to focus more on growth-oriented stocks, while those with shorter timeframes need an investment that is a bit more stable.
    • Current income requirement – clients who need to immediately use income from the investment will want to focus more on income-oriented investments, but those who don’t need to access their money till sometime in the future will likely choose a different vehicle that reinvests earnings.
    • Future sources of income – depending on the client’s goals we will need to factor in future sources of income such as social security and/or pensions.
    • Investment ratio – we take into consideration the size of the portfolio compared to client’s overall wealth and cash flow so we can properly assess optimal risk/reward target.
    • Risk tolerance – clients who have a high risk tolerance are willing to accept more risk in exchange for a higher return potential and those who have a lower risk tolerance prefer safer investments recognizing they will have a lower potential return. 
    • Near-future considerations of cash flow – we need to factor into our equations such things as college education spending, funding of a large purchase, receipt of an inheritance, sale of a business, or the exercise of stock options, etc. 
    • Other instruments such as, employee stock option will be reviewed - don't be afraid to ask very basics of "How do employee stock options work?"

  • Finally, we are ready to construct your investment portfolio recommendation for your approval before any funds are actually invested.

In order to prepare for our planning meeting and make the most of our time together, we ask that you print out the client questionnaire (see below), fill it out and fax or send it to us at least two days prior to our meeting.  Please let us know if you do not have access to a printer and we will gladly mail you a hard copy.

We seek to be the top wealth management firm.  We define what the best wealth management firms look like this way: It is through listening and transparent leadership with studious financial and investment planning.  We serve clients in the Saint Paul, Minneapolis, and Rochester areas.  

Over the years

We will continue to be in close communication with our clients through ongoing periodic reviews 

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Understand Client's Risk Tolerance and Preferences

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Education of Investment Strategy and Product Used

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Understand Emotional Implication of Investing

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Understand Total Fees, Obvious and Hidden, of the Investment Products

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Institutional level transparency in Investment Performance Report

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Discuss Future Meeting Topics

Client Questionnaire Downloads

Client Questionnaire (docx)