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How UAK Diversified Approaches Insurance Protection Planning

The complimentary full financial review may reveal essential insurance protection needs.


We recommend insurance products that are most suitable for our client based on his/her priorities and unique situation. We choose specific companies and product types based on the financial strength of the insurance companies and competitiveness of the premium. We will assist you in selecting the best product to meet your needs.  

Insurance premiums can be expensive depending on your coverage level.  Hence, discussing the adequacy and affordability of your coverage is key to achieving your financial goals. 

Insurance protection planning is a part of comprehensive financial planning

Insurance protection is just as, if not more important than wealth accumulation.

Insurance protection is just as, if not more important than wealth accumulation.   

Insurance is not just about you, it is about your family.

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Life Insurance

A good rule of thumb for life insurance is that, at a minimum, the policy should be valued at about 20 times more than your annual expenses. Typically, annual expenses of surviving members of the family do not decrease materially. We generally recommend term life insurance because it is the most cost efficient. 

Health Insurance

Unfortunately, the U.S. is one of the highest medical cost countries in the world. Often government help, such as Medicaid, does not take effect until all of your investment assets and income are virtually exhausted. We would be happy to discuss your current health care insurance coverage to ensure that you have chosen the best options. 

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Disability insurance pays out your lost income when you become disabled due to an injury or illness. Understanding how your employer's short-term disability insurance policy and social security disability insurance work are very important in evaluating long-term disability insurance options. 

Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance is not for everyone. It is very expensive and insurance companies have been raising premiums in order to stay solvent, making it virtually impossible for existing policy holders to keep their policy. We need to hear about your situation to determine whether or not you need long-term care insurance and if so, which company has the best reputation and financial stability.

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Discuss amount of insurance needed

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Discuss minimal essential coverage need

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Discuss insurance need based on outstanding debt