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Free Initial 45-Minute Consultation


What to expect...

The goal of the initial consultation is to make sure that everyone feels that a financial planning partnership will be mutually beneficial. Potential clients need enough information to be confident in our company’s ability to manage their money and we want to make sure we feel the services we provide will be advantageous to your situation.

You will not need to share any financial details at this first meeting. We will spend the time getting to know each other. However, it would be helpful for you to have in mind a rough total of your investable assets as well as the types of accounts/holdings in which you have them invested. For example, you may have $200,000 of investable assets currently split between savings accounts, CDs, and other brokerage accounts. That’s good enough for our first meeting.

You should also be prepared to give us a thumbnail sketch of your financial goals. This may be something like increasing your assets by a specific dollar amount or percentage by a certain date in the future. Or it may be that you wish to retire at a certain age and are looking for guidance to make sure you can do that confidently and comfortably. Or maybe your goal is to fund your kids’ college expenses.

The other thing you may want to consider before we meet is what questions you have for us. What do you want to know about us that would increase your confidence in our ability to manage your money?

If you’re ready to move forward, please go to the appointment scheduling page and choose a time slot that is convenient for you. 

We are fee only financial planners and fee only financial advisor serving the Saint Paul, Minneapolis, and Rochester areas.  Please contact us for your financial and investment planning needs. 

After the initial meeting

We will set up a time to get together for our first investment strategy meeting where we will begin to discuss your financial plan.

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Initial Introduction and Greeting

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Understanding Unique Background and Story of Each Client

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Understanding Client's Special Needs and Thoughts

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For Clients to Know UAK Diversified and the Founder Better

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Write Down Important Highlights and Exchange

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Make High Level Plans