Optimized Custom investment - retirement income planning

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We ask for your goals and objectives

   For example, 

  • Retirement
  • Pass wealth to heirs

Then we ask for more detail by asking relevant questions

   For example,   

  • Retirement
    • how much money would you need per year during your retirement?
    • what have you been doing so far to prepare?
  • Pass wealth to heirs
    • to who, how much, and when?

Then, we learn client's situation in depth

  • Tax situation. Clients with high tax bracket to focus more on tax efficient investment.
  • Investment time frame. Clients with longer time frame to invest to focus more on growth oriented stocks.
  • Clients income need.  Clients who are dependent on income from the investment to focus more on income oriented investment.  
  • Investment portfolio's size compared to clients' overall wealth and cash flow.
  • Clients emotional preference and perception of short term volatility. 
  • Imminent near future considerations of cash flows, such as college education spending, funding of a large purchase, receipt of inheritance, sale of business, or exercise of stock options.   

Then, we construct Investment Portfolio

  • We would like you to achieve your financial goals with highest probability.  To that end, we construct rather statistically vindicated diversification approach.  
  • Difference between financial planner and financial advisor: Most firms are either one way or the other. UAK Diversified retains both in balance. 
  • Please see us for your retirement income planning.  We serve clients with financial and investment planning in the Minneapolis, Rochester, and Saint Paul MN areas.

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