Please note that the entire fee with the management of an investment portfolio consist of Asset Under Managed (AUM) Fee and product expense.  We try to keep out AUM fee very competitive and reduce the product expense as much as we can.  Most of the sophisticated insurance and bank investment managers use investment products that we frequently use in order to lower the product expenses.  We have real experience and relevant certifications to do this well.   

Competitive Fee Analysis - fee only financial advisor

Financial Advisor Cost: Our clients will likely to pay a much lower fee!

  • Some financial advisors arrange clients’ investment accounts such that the overall annual fee could reach around 2% for an account size less than $1M. UAK Diversified thinks it shouldn’t be that way and will strive to keep the client’s total annual fee as low as possible well below 1%..
  • The only source of revenue for UAK Diversified is the asset-based fee at a predetermined fee rate schedule. No financial planning fees, no commissions from insurance products, and no other platform fees.
  • The client is responsible for the other expenses associated with holding exchange traded funds or index funds, which is significantly lower than typical financial advisors' recommended mutual fund products.
  • We are fee only certified financial planner. We offer financial and investment planning services to Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Rochester areas.  

Most of Other Financial Advisors...

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Frequently use expensive products for clients but higher compensating for advisors (Mutual funds with around 0.8~1.2% fees, structured securities, various platform fees) in addition to the very high Asset Under Management fees (a.k.a. AUM fees). 

Despite the high fee, it is very hard to beat the market with mutual funds. So typically, investors don't get what you pay for with mutual funds.  

UAK Diversified's Advisors...

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Directly invest in stocks and bonds (0% additional management fees), Frequently utilize Diversified Index Funds (As low as 0.05% fees), Diversified ETF solutions* (0.16% fee for a moderately allocated portfolio).  

Moderate portfolio used for above illustration with the full full 20% fee discount applied.  We know how to invest your money more like large insurance companies or banks would with their money.

How can UAK Diversified's clients pay so much less fees?

Unlike many of our competitors which put client's money in mutual funds that charge around 1%~2% annual fees, we don't offer mutual funds. 90% of mutual funds don't outperform respective market indexes (S&P 500 index, Aggregate Bond index, Russell 2000 small company index, etc). Investments that UAK Diversified recommends to our clients are all cost efficient exchange traded funds or index funds that tightly perform around the market indexes. And the total product fee is only about 0.1% to 0.3%. 

We can offer our clients “Institutional” or “Advisor” share class mutual funds instead of A, B, and C share class mutual funds (which have large embedded fees to compensate the middleman and financial planners every year). Clients who really want to invest in actively managed mutual fund will be able to invest in “Institutional” or “Advisor” class shares to keep the lowest possible fees (no sales load whatsoever). Further, we offer complementary full financial planning with robust Monte Carlo simulation to best assess the highest probability strategies for the investors/clients’ retirement wealth building success. Legally, UAK Diversified is not allowed to predict the future about investment performances. But Ujae, as co-founder, can say this: that he can confidently tell his sons when they grow up and come to work with him, which he hopes and prays for, that he did his best to provide the best products to his clients and that he did it in such a way that more wealth could belong to the clients' portfolio. 

How can UAK Diversified do this profitably?