In-House Specialized Investment Products

  • UAK Diversified offers several other investment strategies that are intended for high net worth individuals and institutions, therefore these investment vehicles may not be suitable for all clients.
  • Investors in these funds will open an account with one or both of our partner brokerage firms – Interactive Brokers LLC and Charles Schwab Corporation. You will be the owner of the account. UAK will not have the ability to deposit or withdraw funds nor does it have power of attorney over the account. A signed and executed document will be submitted to the brokerage firm which will only grant UAK trading authority. All of the tax forms and performance reports will be prepared by the brokerage firm. 
  • Fee rates for these funds may be different than the fees for the Core Investment Portfolio.

Equity Strategies

Health Care Fund


Investments only in the health care industry, providers, insurance, and health care product manufacturers.

Quandamental Fund (Quantitative Fundamental)

Our team’s database skills are utilized to efficiently identify firms with sound financial positions. 

Long-Term Dividend Fund

Strong and steady cash flow is a key indicator of a company’s ability to generate reliable dividends therefore we look for companies with a consistently good cash flow history. In this fund we also hold funds for at least a year to avoid the short-term gain tax.

Overlay Strategies

Pure Quant Fund


A mathematical algorithm is used to determine when to invest in S&P 500 Index ETF or Futures. Total notional principals of derivatives are less than the capital therefore there is no leverage effect.